Handmade Nose Studs Designs

All these designs can be prepared in silver as well as gold plated metal. These are available in L-bend, Corkscrew, Cuffs and Push Pin closures.

  • Silver nose ring stud with green , pink and red stones having wooden background
  • Large Sized Silver nose ring piercing with white stones by wholesaler and manufacturer of nose ring
  • beautiful silver nose pin stud with brown stones around white stone in the middle .
  • flower shaped nose ring in silver metal made by Indian wholesaler and manufacturer of nose rings
  • multicolor stones on silver nose ring manufactured by Indian nose stud supplier
  • medusa shaped nose piercing with white stones in silver metal made with hands by Indian manufacturer
  • silver handmade flower shaped nose stud ring with pink, green , brown, purple, yellow , orange and white stone
  • Traditional style nose ring piercings with triangular pink colored stones , beautifully handmade in India .
  • nose stud ring having corkscrew closure made by Indian supplier with hands using multicolor stones
  • Big Stylish sunflower shaped nose rings having small multicolor stones having beautiful appearance
  • nose pins stud manufactured in silver metal by joining small hearts of silver and white stones
  • wheel shaped large sized nose ring stud with multicolor stones having small silver balls around stones for girls
  • six multicolor stones in a silver nose stud made by joining silver rings and small balls with hands
  • silver beautiful nose ring stud with pink stones with corkscrew closure for women amazingly handcrafted by manufacturer in India
  • silver stylish brown stones nose stud piercings for women in silver metal made with hands by Indian manufacturer
  • Wholesale nose ring with dangle chain with twisted back type- manufacturer and supplier of nose jewelry
  • colorful nose ring with dangle chain for women- buy wholesale nose jewelry
  • wholesale unique nose stud - order in bulk customized nose rings from vendor
  • dangling nose ring wholesale with corkscrew back type- customized nose ring wholesale
  • wholesale nose rings with dangling chains -  customized nose rings in bulk
  • Traditional nostril piercing for women with authentic cubic zirconia stones in red purple and white color for women .
  • Gold plated nose stud ring with three cubic zirconia stones at wholesale prices in India  .
  • Ethnic style Gold plated nostril made in Amritsar having star shaped stone in It with red colored stone around it
  • Wow Indian Made nose ring with old style look having shiny and glamorous appearance for bulk order .
  • Gold plated nostril stud with pink stone and having dangling chains in it for export at wholesale prices .
  • Gold Plated Nose Ring Stud For wedding . Buying at wholesale prices in India from the supplier .
  • nose stud with vertical stones aligned  to have a nose ring like appearance for women . Order in bulk from India .
  • Indian  Nose mookuthi with gold plating with trendy unique design
  • Elegant nose piercing for ethnic look made by hypoallergenic metal having gold plating and stones.
  • Wholesale nose studs with sparkling white stones and gold plating
  • Wholesale nose studs made with gold plating and L-bend wire. Customized Nose ring - order in bulk nose jewelry
  • customized nose ring for fashion boutique owners. order in bulk wholesale nose jewelry
  • The world's most demanding nose rings in India produced with brass metal having three colorful stones with tiny and cute look that will make the face of girl look very confident .
  • Best rich looking Nose ring piercings for artists and actress having three multicolor stones and one triangle shaped stone in the centre
  • Unique and cute Nose Ring for nose piercings and tattoo artists . This Nose Ring stud is made with hypoallergenic metal produces by the best Indian nose ring manufacturer and wholesaler
  • World's most famous Nose piercing in small size . gold plated nose ring at wholesale rate in India
  • silver girl nose ring , silver fish nose ring , real silver crown nose ring , real silver moon and star nose ring at wholesale price by Indian nose ring
  • Silver butterfly nose ring with silver umbrella nose piercing , silver star nostril stud , real silver penguin nose cuffs by Indian wholesaler and exporter
  • Supplier of Beautiful real silver butterfly nose ring with penguin and rabbit style nostril piercing in silver metal
  • wholesale set of 12 real silver nostril rings piercings with creative designs for girls . nose studs holding in hand by Indian Exporter .
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  • export in bulk Real Silver Star shaped nose ring stud for piercings in India
  • Modern style lot of silver nostril studs with corkscrew closure with rose flower and hard rock in the background
  • Cute and Stylish rabbit shaped nose jewelry for girls and women with corkscrew silver wire closure for left nose in bulk
  • Wholesale bulk lot of stylish silver crown nose rings for women having piercings . 20 pieces of crown nose studs with corkscrew closure .
  • Dealer and producer of silver nose ring studs for women . Buy Wholesale in India penguin and animal shaped Nose rings in bulk
  • exporter and manufacturer of stylish Indian silver nostril piercings of umbrella shaped and cuffs for women .
  • Manufacturer of silver butterfly nose rings made in Amritsari Style in India for bulk Export and Trade .
  • Wholesale Order of teddy bear nose piercing stud  in silver metal made in India in 2023
  • Import latest 2023 design of silver nose rings made in India for export .0 shaped silver nostril stud piercings for girls .
  • Very Cute and Indian made stylish girl shaped nose ring piercing in silver metal produced for export at wholesale rated in worldwide .
  • Fish shaped cute and tiny silver nostril piercings for girls with left side corkscrew closure prepared for export .
  • Customize nose ring wholesale- Indian gold plated nose ring in Bulk Quantity
  • Order in bulk nose jewelry from nose ring wholesaler.
  • Large Dye nose stud made in India with 14 k gold plated polish for women with shiny realistic gold appearance
  • Real Gold Polish on nose ring stud . world's most ethnic and traditional looking nose piercing
  • 18 k gold plated nose ring stud for married women . Nose Piercing is having quality that is best in world .

  • Best Amritsari made nose rings for export with gold polish and handmade design , beautifully crafted at best prices
  • Small and cute nose piercing for girls who want to have a rich ethnic and classy look .
  • long vertical style designer nose piercings with stylish and trendy design for bulk purchasers
  • Fake Piercings with golden polish with no stones and having the most beautiful Indian nose ring design on it .
  • Best ethnic look nose rings for old people in golden polish made by the Indian best producer and exporter of nose jewelry .
  • Wholesale nose studs- order in bulk custom made nose rings
  • Stylish Nose ring manufactured for Bulk purchasers with twisted back type- Customized nose ring jewelry
  • Customized nose ring Wholesale- Gold plated nose stud jewelry with 22 Gauge wire
  • Gold plated wholesale Nose ring in corkscrew back type.
  • Customize nose ring wholesale- Indian gold plated nose ring in Bulk Quantity

Handmade Nose Studs

Welcome to the world of exquisite Asian Handmade Indian Nose Rings, Nose Studs, and Nose Pins, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern elegance. We are Manufacturer and supplier of handmade nose ring and other nose studs collection. Our Asian artisanal Handmade Nose Studs and Nose Rings creations are meticulously handcrafted from premium materials, including Brass, Copper, Silver, 14k gold, and 18k gold, ensuring durability, unfallen stones, Tarnish & rust free, Non-allergenic and unmatched beauty.

Each Nose Stud piece is handmade and undergoes a meticulous process of design and creation, with intricate detailing that reflects the rich heritage of Indian artistry. The Brass and Copper Nose jewelry are expertly polished with a luxurious gold finish, enhancing their allure. Our Handmade Nose Ring collection showcases a stunning array of designs and styles, from delicate push pin nose studs, L-bend nose studs to captivating clicker nose rings, each adorned with dazzling Cubic Zirconia stones which do not fall easily.

We understand the diverse preferences of our global clientele, which is why we offer various handmade nose pins, nose studs and nose rings with various closures, such as  L-bend, corkscrew, cuff, screw also clicker and hoop nose rings, ensuring a perfect fit and comfortable wear. Our wholesale prices, ranging from 1 USD to 4 USD per piece, make luxury accessible to all and Minimum Order Quantity for handmade nose stud rings and nostril pins are 100 pieces which can include different designs.

Dear tattoo artists, gift item seller, clothes seller, fashion accessories seller, nails accessory sellers, makeup artists ,piercer specialist and all other business who sell nose jewelry products, are you tired of compromising on quality for style? Look no further. As a best Indian Manufacturer and wholesaler of Nose Rings our Nose jewelry wholesale catalog offers Handmade Indian Nose Rings offer a water-resistant, tarnish-resistant, nickel-free solution for sensitive skin. Our wholesale catalog include customized sizes and these pieces are handcrafted and designed for your comfort, even during sleep. As we are the best Indian dealer and producer of nose studs and nose rings, We take pride in offering not just handmade Nose stud jewelry, but a lifestyle and a good nose stud business to our valuable importers.

What sets us apart is our dedication to authenticity and Indian tradition and As a manufacturer and best Asian supplier or exporter of nose rings and nose studs, Our exclusive collection of Indian Handmade Nose Rings pays homage to time-honored customs while embracing contemporary designs. Whether you're adorning yourself for a wedding or a festival, our Hand manufactured Asian nose rings are the perfect complement to your ensemble.

As a Biggest Asian manufacturer, wholesaler, dealer, exporter, and supplier of handmade nose rings, nose pins and other wholesale nose stud collection in India, our passion for quality and affordability knows no bounds. Our expertise in Casting & Handmade Nose Studs and other Nose jewelry sets us apart as industry leaders. With a range encompassing Nose Pins, Nose Rings that are Hoop nose rings and clicker nose rings we're your one-stop destination for elegant adornments.

Why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Embrace the artistry, embrace the elegance - embrace Handmade Indian Nose Rings and other nose piercing collection, where every piece tells a story, and every adornment reflects your unique style.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) What materials are used for your Handmade nose jewelry?
ANSWER- While preparing handmade nose studs and nose rings, We use a variety of materials, including Brass, Copper, Silver, 14k gold, and 18k gold with exceptional quality and longevity ensuring that it does not harm your skin and suit sensitive skins.

Q2) Which closure style is best and in demand?
ANSWER- The choice of closure depends on the customers preferences and comfort. The most common closure that most women's want in their nose studs are L-bend closure and in Nose Rings is Hoop Style of nose rings. Explore our  wholesale Handmade nose ring collection range of closures, from push pins to cuff nose studs, to find your perfect fit.

Q3) How do I care for my handmade nose jewelry collection?
ANSWER-  There are certain steps and instructions you need to follow while wearing Handmade nose jewelry ensuring easy maintenance. Do not spray perfumes on them and other harmful chemicals, clean them regularly if you stay physically active all day, use of a soft pouch while storing them, Be gentle while removing and wearing nose studs and nose rings, rotate you collection if you have other nose studs collection also. 

Q4) What makes your Handmade nose rings and nose studs unique?
ANSWER- Our commitment to authenticity, tradition, and affordability sets us apart. Each piece carries the legacy of Indian craftsmanship while embracing modern aesthetics. Each piece is carefully crafted with hands taking all necessary precautions. The best polish is done and stones are fixed very properly so that they don't fall. The designs and styles of handmade nose pins, nose rings and nose studs are Traditional Indian designs with modern touch.

Q5) Can I give my own designs? Do those designs will also manufacture by hands?
ANSWER- As a vendor, we offer a diverse handmade collection, we also take pride in our ability to cater to custom requests, the customer who is interested in purchasing handmade nose ring in bulk can contact us as we manufacture and export in bulk quantity at wholesale price and send us their requirements and the designs or styles of nose studs they want to prepare, we will check and update the buyer if the following designs can be prepared or not. The buyer can also see our design catalog on our website Indiannosering.com, All the designs that are available on our website are unique and demand for each design is high in all the other countries.  

Indulge in our wholesale catalog collection of Handmade Indian Nose Rings, where artistry meets elegance, tradition embraces modernity, and your individuality finds its perfect adornment.