Gold Plated Nose Stud Rings with stones.

  • Best rich looking Nose ring piercings for artists and actress having three multicolor stones and one triangle shaped stone in the centre
  • World's most famous Nose piercing in small size . gold plated nose ring at wholesale rate in India
  • Unique and cute Nose Ring for nose piercings and tattoo artists . This Nose Ring stud is made with hypoallergenic metal produces by the best Indian nose ring manufacturer and wholesaler
  • Traditional nostril piercing for women with authentic cubic zirconia stones in red purple and white color for women .
  • Gold plated nose stud ring with three cubic zirconia stones at wholesale prices in India  .
  • Ethnic style Gold plated nostril made in Amritsar having star shaped stone in It with red colored stone around it
  • Wow Indian Made nose ring with old style look having shiny and glamorous appearance for bulk order .
  • Gold Plated Nose Ring Stud For wedding . Buying at wholesale prices in India from the supplier .
  • nose stud with vertical stones aligned  to have a nose ring like appearance for women . Order in bulk from India .
  • Indian  Nose mookuthi with gold plating with trendy unique design
  • Elegant nose piercing for ethnic look made by hypoallergenic metal having gold plating and stones.
  • The world's most demanding nose rings in India produced with brass metal having three colorful stones with tiny and cute look that will make the face of girl look very confident .
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  • silver stylish brown stones nose stud piercings for women in silver metal made with hands by Indian manufacturer
  • silver beautiful nose ring stud with pink stones with corkscrew closure for women amazingly handcrafted by manufacturer in India
  • six multicolor stones in a silver nose stud made by joining silver rings and small balls with hands
  • wheel shaped large sized nose ring stud with multicolor stones having small silver balls around stones for girls
  • nose pins stud manufactured in silver metal by joining small hearts of silver and white stones
  • Big Stylish sunflower shaped nose rings having small multicolor stones having beautiful appearance
  • nose stud ring having corkscrew closure made by Indian supplier with hands using multicolor stones
  • ethnic style silver nose ring in green stones for women produced by Indian manufacturer
  • flower shaped nose ring in silver metal made by Indian wholesaler and manufacturer of nose rings
  • Traditional style nose ring piercings with triangular pink colored stones , beautifully handmade in India .
  • medusa shaped nose piercing with white stones in silver metal made with hands by Indian manufacturer
  • multicolor stones on silver nose ring manufactured by Indian nose stud supplier
  • beautiful silver nose pin stud with brown stones around white stone in the middle .
  • Silver nose ring stud with green , pink and red stones having wooden background
  • Large Sized Silver nose ring piercing with white stones by wholesaler and manufacturer of nose ring
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  • Wholesale nose studs- Unique and creative nose ring designs - Latest nose piercing fashion trend
  • Customized Nose studs for nose piercing- Wholesale nose rings designs- Order Bulk piercing jewelry
  • Custom made nose jewelry on Order- Unique nose rings at low prices from manufacturer and wholesaler
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Gold Plated Nose studs with stones

Looking for high-quality Indian gold plated Nose Rings and Nostril studs and Piercings with stones from Best Nose Ring Manufacturer and Supplier at best Prices? Look no further than our Indian Nostril Jewelry wholesale website! We offer a wide variety of Gold plated Nose Rings Products at Factory Prices in India as we are the biggest Asian immitation Jewelry supplier of gold plated Nose Rings and beautiful gold polished Nose Studs that can be wore by women's all the seasons and Get bulk quantity Nose Rings with gold plating from Trusted and reliable Asia's wholesaler, manufacturer and supplier. Whether the buyers are looking for a simple tiny nose stud or designer, creative stones studded or big sized nostril piercings for their women customers, we have the perfect Gold plated nose rings studs collection for you and the option for customization in nose Jewelry with 14k and 18k gold polishing also available for Importers. We offer Mostly Amritsari handmade Nose Studs, Nose Rings also septum piercings in different type of metals and design that are manufactured by Amritsari manufacturer.
Our Website include the best Indian Nose Rings and Nose Stud designs Catalog that include gold plated nose rings and nose studs designs with the best quality bright stones, prepared in different states by different manufacturers whether they are Amritsari Nose Studs, Rajkot Nose Rings, Punjabi Nose Jewelry or Jalandhar Manufactured Nose Rings.

We are having Minimum Order Quantity[MOQ] of 100 Pieces for most of our Nose Rings. We also offer bulk discounts and free shipping of Nose Rings to buyers who orders more than our Minimum Order Quantity [MOQ] level. Buyer of Nose Studs or Nose Pins will get 10 different designs in a 100 pcs lot. Designs can be chosen by the buyer from our Nose Ring studs Catalog on our website . Our Website is having the best Asian Nose Jewelry products that are produced in India .
We as the Biggest and Most trusted brand which Manufactures, Wholesales and Supplier in Asia, Our Nose Pins and Nose Rings or prepared with high-quality material like Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Surgical Steel of High Quality that is Hypoallergenic, rust and tarnish free with full care and affection. We do the best gold plating or gold Polishing on the Nose Stud Rings in India. Cubic Zirconia Stones are used in Nose Rings with stones whether the product is of silver or Gold plated, whether it is handmade, casting made or dye made nose pins or whether the product is having dangling chains or not. Our Gold plated Nose Studs with Stones are made with different closures like push pin, corkscrew, L-Bend type, fake nose ring with cuffs(non-piercing studs) or Nose studs with Screws depending on the preference of the importers or and our valuable buyers.

We are the Biggest Asian supplier and exporter of Gold plated nose ring in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, MALAYSIA, UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY, CHINA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and all other countries. Our gold plated Nose rings are more durable than any Chinese nose ring manufacturing company and we the Best Indian manufacturers, vendors and Suppliers of piercings are the best in our work and will provide the best quality and best gold polishing with the most affordable prices that our available in the Market. So Enquire about gold plated Nose Studs or Rings or Silver Nose Rings and Studs or Septum rings of any metal and get best wholesaler price on bulk quantity order of nose studs and nose rings.