Collection: Sterling Silver Nose Rings

Manufacturer and exporter of Indian Wholesale Nose Rings, nose studs and other nose Jewelry. Indian vendor who manufacturer handcrafted and casting nose ring for the sellers of the other countries. We are B2B marketplace where you will get all type of Nose rings at wholesale price with variety of types and designs that can be wear in different seasons.

We manufacture all nostril jewelry designs from Traditional Indian Handmade Nose rings and studs to casting nose studs and nose rings at sell at wholesale prices.. We have large nose ring wholesale catalog designs where you will get thousands of luxury nose pins variety including traditional nose rings stud Collection, modern style nose rings, tiny nose pins, medusa nose rings, flower nose rings , septum nose rings, multicolor nose studs including different colored cubic zirconia stones ( white stone nose ring, nose studs with blue, pink, green, yellow, brown, pink, golden, red and other nose ring with different stones. ), star nose studs, diamond style nose rings studs , ethnic nose rings and studs. Nose rings also known as Nose studs, septum nostril rings, nose piercings, nose pins etc based upon different parts of the India and other countries. We Regularly supply/export Wholesale nose rings in worldwide nations like USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UAE and other Worldwide nations in different metals like gold plated, sterling silver, 14k,18k, 22k Real gold nose ring.

We supply Wholesale nose studs, nose rings, nose pins, Hoop Nose Rings, Clicker Nose Rings in variety of closures. In Nose Studs Rings we manufacture in different back style like L-bend, Corkscrew, Push Pin, Nose cuffs (fake Nose Rings), Septum nose rings, South screw Nose Rings. All these Sterling Silver Nose Rings and body piercing jewelry at best Wholesale prices in USA. 

DEAR BUYERS, We manufacture designs according to your need and preferences. kindly contact us for further information.

 1) METAL: Sterling silver metal is used in manufacturing these handmade nose rings and can also be manufactured in copper/brass metal with golden polish.

2) STONES: Cubic zirconia stones are used as they are most commonly used in jewelry making and looks very luxury.
3) CLOSURES AVAILABLE: L-bend, Corkscrew wire, Push Pin, Screw, Cuffs(non piercing)
4) METAL QUALITY:(a) Hypoallergenic Metal (perfect for everyday wear even for the women's having sensitive skin)