Collection: Gold Plated Nose Rings.

At, We the Asian Manufacturer take pride in offering a large range of Designer fashion Unique nose rings, nose pins at unbeatable wholesale prices. Our Beautiful Wholesale collection of Handmade fashion nose rings with golden plating caters to the needs of B2B customers as we have experience of selling these beautiful Gold Plating Wholesale nose piercing to worldwide customers including nose piercers, Fashion boutiques, Fashion makeup artists, Fashion jewelry sellers, and small businesses specializing in fashion jewelry and we know exactly which Wholesale Nose Ring Designs whether its gold plated or sterling silver, Which are the most in demand in a specific countries.

Why Choose Our Fashion Nose Rings:

  • Best Quality in India : We offer Handmade Wholesale Nose Rings with golden polish that are manufactured with Sterling Silver, Gold and Copper metal. Sterling Silver and Gold metal are hypoallergenic and tarnish free and life expectancy of more than 1 year. Wholesale nose rings in gold plated life expectancy about 4-5 months if they do not come in contact with perfumes, oil and other makeup material. Our nose rings at wholesale prices are Manufactured by Indian Skilled Artisans who have experience of more than 10-15 years. India is known for its rich heritage in jewelry-making. Each nose ring piece piece reflects the Asian artistry and attention to detail that our customers appreciate.
  • Wholesale Pricing: We understand the importance of competitive pricing. As our Minimum Order Quantity is 100 Pieces only [10 designs can be included], you can take advantage of our attractive wholesale rates of nose piercing jewelry, ensuring a healthy profit margin for your business.
  • Variety of Metals, Designs & Styles: We manufacture in Nose Jewelry from different kinds of metal like Gold plated nose rings manufactured by using copper and sterling silver metal and than applying bright golden polish on them, Silver Nose Rings by using 925 sterling silver and also with the luxury metal gold by using 12k, 14k, 18k, 22k real gold. Also we manufacture nose studs in different closure like Push Pin, Corkscrew, L-bend, South screw, cuff style, Hoop style or Clicker style. In our Nose Ring design Catalog you will Find the perfect nose rings design that align with your customer's preferences, also we will try to help you choose the best by giving our suggestion. No matter what ever nostril piercing design you choose you will get the best wholesale prices in America (USA) , United Kingdom, Canada, Australia.
  • Global Reach: While we're based in India, we serve customers worldwide. Whether you're in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, the UAE, or any other country, we're here to fulfill your requirements in the least possible time by giving you the best wholesale prices. 

For inquiries about our Nose Ring at Wholesale bulk prices, Customized piercing Jewelry manufacturing, or any other information, please don't hesitate to get in touch, You can easily mail us at or contact/ Whatsapp us on +91 79864-84067. We're committed to providing outstanding service to our B2B clients, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect wholesale nose rings for your business."

DEAR BUYERS, We manufacture designs according to your need and preferences. kindly contact us for further information.

 1) METAL: Sterling silver metal is used in manufacturing these handmade nose rings and can also be manufactured in copper/brass metal with golden polish.

2) STONES: Cubic zirconia stones are used as they are most commonly used in jewelry making and looks very luxury.
3) CLOSURES AVAILABLE: L-bend, Corkscrew wire, Push Pin, Screw, Cuffs(non piercing)
4) METAL QUALITY:(a) Hypoallergenic Metal (perfect for everyday wear even for the women's having sensitive skin)