Customized Nose rings- Make your own designs.

Customized Nose rings- Make your own designs.

Customized Nose rings- Make your own designs.


Hi everyone, let us introduce ourselves. We are India's fastest-growing Nose Jewelry B2B brand. We manufacture Nose jewelry like nose rings, and nose studs items at wholesale prices in different metals like Gold plated, Gold, and Silver and we export these accessories to Worldwide countries. Before continuing we would like to describe that this blog is specially written primarily for those people who want to resell these nose rings to their retail customers, if you are a retail customer and looking for different customization possible in the nose ring, you can also read this blog to expand your knowledge and have an idea of some variations in nose rings to make your mind while purchasing.

Initially, our mission was to Expand our nose rings business worldwide and to show a reflection of Indian Culture through our amazing handmade nose jewelry products. But after being in this business for more than 2 decades what we have seen is many Indian sellers are in the same field of selling these nose jewelry but are selling nose rings of very low quality at very high prices, saying something else and doing something else, taking too long time for manufacturing, fitting of very poor quality stones that do not shine at all, poorly fitting of stones so they fall very easily and this may seem to you that we are just talking in air just to show other sellers inferior but that's not something we are saying, our customers are. So now there is an addition to our mission and that is to provide promising quality Indian nose rings at wholesale prices to resellers so that they can take their business to new Heights.

What we have recently is trends for customized nose rings. So you must be asking "Where to buy customized nose rings?", "Is there any vendor who makes customized nose ring designs?" or even "Do you also make custom nose rings?". To get the answer to these questions read the below article and get all the answers.

Customized Nose Ring designs handcrafted on Order.

We are now offering Indian handmade nose ring designs that will be customized according to your given designs and preferences. We are regularly selling these customized nose rings to many resellers and experienced that every business that is reselling these nose rings and other fashion jewelry items has different customers having different types of demand of variations in these nose rings.

Different variations or customizations that we provide in nose rings are described below. All of these variations have different wholesale prices. 

1) Some resellers want large-sized nose rings and some may want small-sized nose rings.

2) Some resellers want Multicolor stones in their nose jewelry, some may want white and some may want colors of their own choice like blue, green, yellow, pink, red, etc.

Customized nose rings designs with stones of different colors like white, red, blue, green and multicolor

3) Some resellers want big stones while some of you may want small stones in your nose rings.

4) Some resellers will like Silver metal, some of you may like Gold plated with copper as a base, some nose ring sellers want gold plated with silver metal as a base and some may want gold nose rings.

Nose rings made in silver metal compared to Gold plated nose ring with silver as a base metal

5) Some resellers are looking for a twisted wire back for the right nose piercing side, some of you may want one for the left piercing side of the nose and some may want one for both the left and right piercing for the nose so that they have some variations of nose rings for their customers.

6) Many of the sellers want different gauge (thickness) of wire, some of you may want 16 gauge and some want 18 gauge, 20 gauge, 22 gauge, 24 gauge, etc.

7) Some nose ring sellers want Push pin back style, some of you want Twisted, some want cuffs for non-piercing and some may want an L-bend Nose ring style. 

Different back styles of nose ring like Twisted, Push pin, L-bend , cuffs and screw type.

8) Some resellers want nose rings with more design in less quantity because they have a good customer base and a variety of customers come to them for purchasing and some resellers may want fewer designs but more quantity as they have a small budget and want only those specific designs for which they have demand.

9) Some resellers want Indian designs of nose rings and some may want American style of Nose rings depending on their customer base. We are experts in Indian handmade designs, see our Indian Handmade Nose ring designs.

Comparison between Indian style nose ring and American style of nose ring jewelry.

10) Some buyers want dangling chains in their nose ring bulk lot and some want without them. So the resellers should order nose rings in bulk according to their customers. You should see our gold-plated nose ring designs with dangle chain catalog for wholesale buyers.

Custom made Nose ring with dangling chain compared to Nose ring without dangling chain

So as we can see there are different types of buyers or we can say resellers with different needs and requirements of designs that is why customization in Nose rings plays a role and Manufacturers who fulfill this role of customization and manufacture customized nose ring designs you (the reseller) has demanded plays a major bigger role.

How we will customize nose rings?

There are many nose ring wholesalers in the market but if you are a business owner like a piercing doer, own a fashion boutique, or makeup artist or you are new in this nose jewelry business, you will, of course, need a trustable seller who can fulfill your requirements and timely supply you nose rings jewelry and for this, you can trust us, We do not only say this but we can assure that we are the best nose ring manufacturer in the world and can customize any designs into its best form. 

Now here comes a question How?

Question- How will you customize nose rings according to our needs or requirements? 

-The answer to this Question is very simple and will try to precisely answer, We have our manufacturers so we help you to make your customizable nose rings according to the needs and specifications you want in your custom-made nose ring order like-

1) If the customer wants the closure type or the back type of nose rings in a certain we can do it for example there are different nose ring back types like- Twisted nose rings also known as corkscrew, L-bend, Push Pin, Cuffs for non-piercing, Screw one's also. Now there is a catch if you want some of your pieces into L-bend and some of twisted nose ring style we will do it, if you want some customized nose ring pieces with L-bend style and some pieces with other back styles, we will do it. In twisted nose rings our many customers ask us if you can do half pieces for the left piercing and half for the right piercing will you be able to do it? The answer is Yes we do it..

2) If the customer wants a specific color of stones in the nose stud ring that is also what we do. If the customer wants nose rings with white stones, we will do that as nose rings with white stones are the most common ones, If the customer wants nose ring with multicolor stones (a mix of different colors) we will also do that, if the customer wants any specific color stone in the nose ring like blue, green, pink, yellow, brown, red, orange, white or any other we will do it. 

3) If you want customization in nose rings concerning the metal of your choice, and you like any nose ring designs that are available with us in silver metal but you want those designs in gold plated ones, we will do it and we are doing it. If you want any particular nose ring design that you want in Gold, Gold plated or silver we will do it, not only saying it but we are doing the customization daily for hundreds of Bulk nose ring orders.

4) If the customer liked a nose ring design but she/he also wants a dangling chain on the nose rings or vice versa, and wants a nose ring without a dangling chain, we will customize your nose jewelry in that way.

5) As mentioned above also we can customize nose ring designs in big sizes and smaller sizes, just we need to see if the designs have a large number of stones or not, if Yes than we can reduce the size by remaking it by putting less stones in a way that your custom made nose ring design gives similar appearance. The same goes with the thickness of the wire used in the L-bend nose ring and twisted nose ring, we will do this according to your chosen thickness of the wire like you want 24G, 23G, 22G, 20G, 18G, or 16G. Here G represents the gauge (thickness) size of the wire.

Want any of the customization in your nose ring order do CONTACT the customized nose ring wholesaler.

Now here comes another question. 

Question- What is special in you as a nose jewelry manufacturer that other manufacturers do not have?

We are a team of 100 Indian artisans and manufacturers who have experience of more than 15 years and 20 years in making these nose rings. So? that doesn't make any difference. Yes, it does not but let us describe how we are the best nose ring manufacturer and custom-made nose ring manufacturers. 

We have described above how we customize nose rings according to the customer preference, but it is also possible that the customer does not know which nose ring designs to choose?, which designs are most in-demand size in their areas or in their city, state or country, Which nose ring closure to choose? what should be the necessary thickness of the twisted or L-bend nose ring wire? What colors of stones are most in demand? So what makes us special is our answers and suggestions to the customer for these above questions by taking our profit motive aside and answering what's best for them according to their requirements of nose jewelry. 

-So hope you have got the answer to the above questions that were in your mind like- "Where to buy customized nose rings?", "Is there any vendor who makes customized nose ring designs?" or even "Do you also make custom nose rings?".

This is why we are the best and why you should choose us as your vendor for your specialized nose ring manufacturers. SEE ALL THE DESIGNS ON OUR HOME PAGE OF THE WEBSITE-

FAQ'S- Frequently asked Question.

Q1.) What type of customizations can be done in Nose rings?

Ans) We will try to provide a concise answer to your questions, There are unlimited variations that can be done to a single piece of nose rings, but we have categorized all types of variation in the below categories-

1) Any color of stone can be fitted in the nose ring whether it's white, blue, yellow, green, pink, red, multicolor or any other color.

2) Different back styles like Twisted wire, L-bend, Cuffs for non-piercing, Pushpin, Screw type, or ring type can be manufactured.

3) The size of nose rings can be reduced and increased according to your choice. You can give us the size in MM.

4) Any design of nose ring can be made in the following three metals by us- Gold, Silver, and Gold plated. In gold plated nose ring the base metal type is silver or copper.

5) One to Five Dangle chains can be fitted below the nose ring of any design. It can be increased to eight but the nose ring should be bigger in size.

Q2.) Can we mix and match the designs available in the nose rings?

Ans) Yes you can mix and match the designs. Our smallest order is 50 pieces and for 50 pieces we can give 10 different designs (5 pieces for each design)

Q3.) Can we the resellers also give our designs of nose rings to get manufactured?

Ans) Yes sure you can give us designs also that you would like us to manufacture for you. But the designs will not be 100% the same, there can be slight differences. According to our regular customers, the designs they give us to manufacture, 90% of the designs were 99% the same as the picture of the nose ring they provided us.

Q4.) As you are a wholesaler of nose jewelry, do you also provide a list or pictures of your most sold designs to the retailers?

Ans) Yes we provide a detailed recommended list of pictures of nose ring designs that are most sold by us to our regular customers. We just not only provide a design list but also provide you with nose ring designs that are going to be popular in some time 

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