Nose Rings and Nose Studs - What's the difference?

Nose Rings and Nose Studs - What's the difference?

Nose Rings and Nose Studs - What's the difference?

We have often heard about these terms Nose Rings and Nose Studs by many people (commonly Females) who use these terms interchangeably when communicating to different jewelry sellers or their friends or with anyone they are talking to, but these terms are not same, Nose rings and Nose studs both are different accessories of nose jewelry. Using these terms interchangeably is a very common as we have found, talking to various Nose jewelry buyers as we sell our Nose Jewelry across globe in Bulk Quantity at wholesale prices on our Website- . Let's Discuss what are the main difference between these two.



Nose rings are circular pieces of jewelry worn through a nostril piercing, adding an elegant and cultural touch to one's appearance. Nose Rings come in various styles, like hoops nose rings, Hinged nose rings. These Nose Rings comes in different sizes. The most common sizes starts from 5mm to 13mm. Nose Rings also comes bigger than 13mm but most of the people prefer size less than 13mm and most people wear size like 8.5mm. The main differentiator is the shape and physical appearance. The nose rings comes in circular shapes as we can see in the above picture. Also Nose Rings in India are made in two types-

1) Clicker Hinged Nose Rings.
2) Hoop Nose Rings.

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Here in Pictures the Gold plated are clicker hinged nose rings and the silver ones are hoop nose rings .  

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Nose studs have one sided Designer face and the comes with straight post or wire on one end, Front designs of Nose Studs is manufactured with hands as well as the procedure of dye and casting. nose studs offer a subtle and sophisticated look, making them a popular choice for those seeking a more minimalistic yet stylish adornment for their noses. Nose Studs also comes in various types-

1) Push Pin Nose Studs.
2) Screw Nose Studs.
3) Corkscrew Nose Studs.
4) L-bend Nose Studs.
5) Cuff Nose Studs/ Non piercings cuffs.



The Main difference between Nose Rings and Nose Studs is that Nose rings are circular in structure as we seen in the above image, These Nose rings can be made in different styles and sizes and in different metals, and Nose Studs are kind of having one sided Designer face that can be without stones as well as with stones and the other side with plain pipes that can be used for a screw or pin that is to fitted inside the pipe or another style in which single wire that can be converted into L-bend or corkscrew.

* According to my perspective as a seller as we sell nose rings at wholesale prices in bulk, Mostly Demanded Nose Jewelry type between these two are Nose studs with L-bend wire and Nose Studs can be made in different styles and designs from big size to small size, from colorful stones to white stones , from without stones to with stones and includes different types of closure, so these give the buyer to have a variety of choice. So this maybe the Reason that Nose Studs are Purchased More.

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